Opening Friday September 27th, 6-9pm
Continues until Sunday October 6th


Over 100 artists have been invited to participate in a survey exhibition of contemporary and underground art within the Melbourne and greater Australian community.

Whether because of their challenging subject matter, jarring aesthetics or alternative approaches to their artwork, these artists can all be considered 'trouble makers'.  

The exhibition aims to open new dialogues between artists of different mediums and diverse practices within our local art scene, with the aim to promote a greater understanding of what is happening within our Australian creative community in 2019.

Hayley Arjona, Amac, Nick Azidis, ADi, Bailer, Beastman, Bei Badgirl, Braddock, Brainfoetus, Eddie Botha, Peter Boyle, Steve Cross, Michael Cain, Cupco, Tom Civil, Caper, Creon, Luke Cornish, Julian Clavijo, Cipta Croft-Cusworth, Aaron Craig, Ash Coates, Camo, Chehehe, Cel Out, DripCandy, Drewfunk, James Dodd, Jo Davidson, Dscreet, Jack Douglas, Doctor Dboe, Glen Downey, Edgarrrrr, EM!, EggBee, Ears, Marcus Encel, Karen Farmer, Philip James Frost, Ben Frost, Facter, Frida Las Vegas, Frosk, Tom Ferson, Aaron Grech, Stephen Gregory, Tom Gerrard, GT Sewell, Le Grizz, Eva Giannoulidis, Hughdunit, Harley and Handen, Steve Hamilton, Neil Tomkins, Heesco, Ha Ha, Itch, Inkboy, Nic Ives, Rachel Jessie-Rae, Jeswri, 23rd Key, Junky Projects, Kirpy, Jodee Knowles, Stephen Killick, Dale Keogh, Kenz, Nixi Killick, Keo, Ox King, Jasper Killick, Evil Keanevil, Nadine Keegan, Filip Konikowski, LazerFist, Allen Lucini, LoveAriel, Loretta Lizzio, Minna Leunig, Lucy Lucy, LegoJacker, Toots McGee, Melina McGough, Scott Marsh, Meggs, Mayo, Merda, Brigit Maher, Manofdarkness, Maha, Mickey Macleod, Maisy, Mysterious Al, Mike Makatron, Nost, Matthew Newkirk, Plump Oyster, Psalm, Phoenix, Michael Porter, Phibs, Travis Price, Taylor Gray, Jamie Preisz, Piero Clemente Gareffa, Tim Rix, Refuz, Ruskidd, Brandon Sopinsky, Bridget Stehli Curnow, Tim Sterling, Skel, Russell Sanderson, Rose Staff, Cezary Stulgis, Sweler, Smoe, Cam Scale, Al Stark, Sindy Sinn, Dominic Taranto, Teens on Acid, Aaron Tyler, Sloe Motion, The Black Math, Unwell Bunny, Travis Vella, Vexta, James Wilson, Mitch Walder, Adam WS, Yeah Yeah Chloe, 2Choey

Curated by Ben Frost

Alcohol Sponsorship by YOUNG HENRYS