Opening Friday June 21st, 6-9pm
Continues until Sunday 30th June


French-Parisian born artist Lucy Lucy asks in her new exhibition ‘Hypnagogia’, “When we fall asleep, where do we travel? Can we go there entirely conscious?”

The transitional state between sleep and wakefulness – Hypnagogia – is the ephemeral portal that opens every night allowing us to dive in dreams consciously.

After exploring the concept of presence in daily life with her last show, Lucy Lucy is now taking this idea into the world of dreams. Being aware in dreams is possible and strange. The delicate skill of traveling through the dreamscape mindfully is incredibly powerful.

In this new body of work Lucy aims to capture the elusive joy and power of the hypnagogic state by depicting her subjects in this state of limbo playing with mysterious forms plugged into their mind, linking conscious and unconscious. Those bedtime travellers are mindfully interacting with their dawning dreams.

Playing with the weird and the wonderful by engaging lucidly with the subconscious may be just a question of intention.

Lucy Lucy has graciously carved her niche in the Australian urban art community. Her work moves between large-scale public murals, gallery work, tribal ornaments and bespoke fashion. She has been painting murals and exhibiting in France, the US, Canada, Thailand, Australia, and the UK.