Stephen Killick
A Catalogue of Gods

Opening Thursday September 20th, 6-9pm


Vs. Gallery is excited to present a new solo exhibition by the renowned Australian pop-artist Stephen Killick.
‘A Catalogue of Gods’ re-interprets the symbols and icons of our mediated world into a bold and unique vision that maps the nuances of our dystopian landscape.

The exhibition as Killick explains, “is an eyes and ears witness account of merely being here. As we enter the virtual world, as robots enter the workforce, as drones assimilate into our lives either as agents of surveillance, as personal assistants or tools for progress .. these works are evidence of change.”

Having exhibited and had residencies throughout Australia and overseas since 1968, Stephen Killick’s CV reads as a who’s who of Australian art. His work is in the collection of NGV, MOCA, AGNSW, QAG, and the National Gallery in Canberra. His commissioned sculpture work can be seen at the Brisbane International Airport, Heide park, Port Macquarie Library and notably at the Australian Pavillion at World Expo 88.

His long time connection to Melbourne through numerous past exhibitions, studying at NGV art school, and local sculptural installations - makes ‘A Catalogue of Gods’ a refreshing home-coming for the artist and for us to celebrate his sublime and often satirical social commentary.

Sleepwalking Towards the Apocalypse

Opening Thursday July 26th, 6-9pm


Internationally renowned UK street artist Charley Uzzel-Edwards (PURE EVIL) returns to Australia with a new exhibition of his bold and engaging dystopian-pop artworks.  
‘Sleepwalking Towards the Apocalypse’ explores the cult of celebrity and the darker side of our utopian dreams in the social-media age.  
“We are so bombarded with images and information” says the artist, “that we are sleepwalking through our lives - there is just too much to process.  I don’t think it's the end of times, or the end of empires, but I do think that the times - they are definitely changing.  Are we moving into a new utopian technology-driven age? or are we sleepwalking towards the apocalypse?”

PURE EVIL’s trademark images of fanged bunnies and portaits of crying famous figures, both on the street, on canvas and in screen printed form, have become icons of East London and throughout the world. Over the past 15 years, he has exhibited in galleries and museums in China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, Chile and all over Europe.
In 2006 he was a part of Banksy’s now infamous exhibition ‘Santa’s Ghetto’ and was also featured on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ and Channel 4’s ‘Four Walls’. He is also the director of Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch, produces electronic music and runs regular workshops and lectures about street art. 

Trouble Makers Group Exhibition

Thursday June 14th, 2018 6-9pm
Vs. Gallery, 1 Vere St, Richmond.


Over 70 artists come together to participate in a survey exhibition of contemporary and underground art within the Melbourne and greater Australian community.  Whether because of their challenging subject matter, jarring aesthetics or alternative approaches to their artwork, these artists can all be considered 'trouble makers'.  
The exhibition aims to open new dialogues between artists of different mediums and diverse practices within our local art scene, with the aim to promote a greater understanding of what is happening within our Australian creative community in 2018.

Hayley Arjona, Nick Azidis, Amelia Arsenic, Lotte Alexis, Braddock, Baker, Buffdiss, Adi Brierly, Jaka Adamic, Matthew Bourne, Conrad Bizjak, Edgar Hanky Boson, Eddie Botha, Will Coles, Chehehe, Creon, Julian Clavijo, Aaron Craig, Cel Out, James Dodd, Jo Davidson, Imbi Davidson, Glen Downey, Jack Douglas, Era, Ben Frost, Factor, Frosk, Gemma Flack, Tal Fitzpatrick, Tom Ferson, Georgia Goodie, Tom Gerrard, Aaron Grech, GT, Le Grizz, Eva Giannoulidis, Heesco, Ha Ha, Oliver Heath, Itch Awol, Izzy Voodoo, Junky Projects, Kaffeine, Stephen Killick, Kenz, Nixi Killick, Ox King, Jasper Killick, Evil Keanevil, Nadine Keegan, Saul Kaplan, Loretta Lizzio, Lucy Lucy Awol, Frida Las Vegas, Brigit Maher, Michael Porter, Maddbutt, Machine Gun Dev, Mysterious Al, Maha, Matthew Newkirk, Nudo & Friends, Makatron, Hiroko Okada, Ohnoes, Pheelix, Phoenix, Chris Parkinson, Ruskidd, Nik Ranger, Skel, Sweler, Rose Staff, Russell Sanderson, Cezary Stulgis, Jewels Stevens, Shane Sterry, Aaron Tyler, Bec Todd, Unwell Bunny, Rachel Urquhart, Travis Vella, Tim Wise, James Wilson, Mitch Walder, Zeke’s Lunchbox

Flyer artwork 'Devil's Daughter' by Ox King
Curated by Ben Frost & Vs. Gallery
Sponsorship by Young Henrys and Artchain Global

Bill Hicks Unpublished
A Photographic Exhibition by Stuart DeSilva

Thursday April 5th, 2018 6-9pm
Vs. Gallery, 1 Vere St, Richmond.


In April 1993, celebrated comedian Bill Hicks performed at Universal Two in Fitzroy as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  Now, exactly 25 years later photographer Stuart DeSilva reveals these never before seen images in his new exhibition 'Bill Hicks Unpublished'. 
Taken less than a year before Bill's untimely death, Stuart's photographs are a stunning and revealing time-capsule of the comic genius during his first and only tour of Australia.
The exhibition features over 30 different, unpublished prints available to purchase in very limited edition.

Solo Exhibition by DENIAL

Thursday March 1st. 6-9pm - Continues until March 17


CONTROL+ALT+DELETE examines the current corporate power structures that seek to control our thoughts and lives and, ultimately, our wallets. Through advertising and branding techniques, these companies attempt to alter how we perceive the world in order to encourage consumerism at any cost. The pieces in the exhibition work to alter our perception of these branded images in an effort to interrupt their function and to create a new dialogue about the nature of our capitalistic lives. DENIAL works to develop bold new meanings by taking these household names and iconography and reimagining their structure and purpose to foster alternative modes of thinking. How long can our society coexist with corporate values and aspirations? Is it time to reboot?
The exhibition will feature a broad collection of works across a variety of mediums. From 3-D laser-cut assemblages, to original limited edition screen prints and wood-panel aerosol paintings, DENIAL takes his signature street style and boils it down to ironically consumable artworks that are as visually stunning as they are thought-provoking.

Daniel Bombardier, known by his moniker DENIAL, is a Canadian graffiti and mixed-media pop artist. His work critiques consumerism and the human condition, with an emphasis on the negative effects of modern advertising, politics, and social media that contemporary society is often ‘in denial’ about. Intended as a conceptual means of marketing absurd-ism, DENIAL further challenges traditional notions of graffiti and public art through his bold and satirical visual subversions.


Inappropriate Appropriation
Thursday Feb 1st, 2018  6-9pm

Prepare to get weird, as Australia's favourite art purveyors Stupid Krap, bring the work of 3 of the most exciting international Pop Artists to Melbourne. 
The unique group exhibition entitled 'Inappropriate Appropriation’, features over 50 pieces from artists Steve Seeley (United States), Jeroen Huijbregts (Netherlands), and Chris Cunningham (Ireland). 
Curated by Aaron Craig, the exhibition is the very first event for Versus Gallery, and promises to be the beginning of a new era in Melbourne art.
Join us for a heavy dose of colour, vibrancy and Pop Art fun -  with the tastiest of beers courtesy of Stone & Wood. 
You can view the exhibition catalogue HERE.