Opening Thursday February 21st, 6-9pm
Continues until Sunday March 3rd


Vs. Gallery is excited to present ‘New Evolution’ - the latest exhibition by Melbourne artist ‘Junkyprojects’ (Daniel Lynch).

Well known for his sculptural ‘junk sentinels’ posted on the streets of Melbourne and throughout Australia in their thousands, Daniel’s new exhibition sees him focus on the theme of ‘waste as art’.

Having spent many weekends and late nights scouring the city streets for unique discarded objects, he carefully reassembles them into amazing and whimsical sculptures and dioramas. His creative ‘recycling’ brings a new and unexpected form of life to an exhausted environment.

Whilst Daniel's art is often noted for its elegant simplicity, in this new body of work he introduces a new complexity to a number of his sculptures. Using found objects such as cutlery, hubcaps, broken toys, doorknobs and kitchen utensils, his assemblages take on striking and poetic characters - each with a life of their own.

‘The New Evolution’ portays an imagined dystopian future where the only existing life forms are composed of junk, refuse and the detritus of a decaying world. It is a prophetic statement for the future of life on our planet and a hope that existence must continue in some form or another.



Opening Thursday March 7th, 6-9pm
Continues until Monday March 11th


Vs Gallery is proud to host the global launch of Nixi Killick's (NXK) newest and most dynamic collection 'Cryptic Frequency' as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

The exhibition is an interactive experience merging EYEJACK AR (Augmented Reality) with garments that encourage interaction and connect viewers with new developments in wearable technology.

The NXK Cryptic Frequency collection explores morphic resonance, with vital colour codes that echo’s a broader shared spirit and flickerings of a greater collective consciousness. It aims to simulate primal signals to decipher our enigmatic connection to a global 'future-primitive'.

As part of the ongoing exhibition, Nixi will be hosting an International Women's Day panel discussion closing event, featuring successful women in the arts, including: Lilikoi Kaos - producer, Ecca Vandal - musician, Lizzie Sharp - makeup and Special FX and Virginia Dowser - Stylist and curator. Monday 11th March 2-6pm. Everyone welcome!

Gallery & POP-UP shop hours : Friday March 8th – Monday 11th, 12-6pm
International Women's Day panel + Afternoon Tea Monday March 11th 2-6pm