False Idols

Opening Thursday Nov 8th, 6-9pm
Continues until November 11th


Versus Gallery is excited to present ‘False Idols’, a new exhibition of over 50 sculptural ‘pop culture artefacts’ by Melbourne artist Adi. Each of his unique hand-made objects infuses elements of ancient idol worship with bold and colourful nostalgia for the cartoons and collectables of his childhood. These ‘new gods’ as he describes them, are drawn from the early mass-consumerist cultural explosion of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and re-presented to us as the ‘False Idols’ that they really are.

Juxtaposing the ‘old world’ reverence of anthropologic idol adoration with our modern iconic pop figures, ‘False Idols’ questions our relationship between memory, nostalgia and who or what we now exalt as our ‘new world’ deities.

“These false idols’,” says Adi, “offer us no forgiveness, no promises of a better future or life changing truths. They do however hold dreamlike memories of each individual’s most intimate and personal secrets in the form of private childhood memories. Growing up, we were surrounded by these icons and they grew up with us and guided us as we defined ourselves, ultimately forming part of what we are as individuals today. In my religiously empty world these became my gods, something I adored and was truly inspired by.”

Every idol is a hand made and hand painted, wooden assemblage. An authentic and deliberate act, creating the union of maker and idol ensuring the utmost embodiment of the deities power as per the ancient practice and construction of idols of worship with the overall design aesthetic informed by modern Memphis object design and Brutalist Architecture.

'False Idols' encourages the viewer to reminisce and connect with a past not so long ago that more than likely affected us all, even if just a little.