Parallel tangents

Opening Friday October 5th, 6-9pm


Vs. Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition by multi-disciplinary Melbourne artist Jasper Killick (aka, TOGGLES).

‘Parallel Tangents’ is his most recent exploration of visual phenomena and kinetic dimensionality in his unique kaleidoscopic style. Using hand-painted timber sculptures and reliefs, he creates psychedelic playgrounds that evoke other-worlds and new ‘tangential’ ways of engaging and engineering the world around us.

With a BFA in Sculpture and Mechanical Engineering (Electronics/Robotics), Toggles immerses himself in machine processes - using digital designs created using CNC and laser cutting fabrication techniques. Over the last two years, his epic large-scale sculptures, stages and installations have been consistent features of some of Australia’s largest outdoor festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Wild Horses and Synaesthesia.

While still informed by his recent techno-influenced public works, ‘Parallel Tangents’ represents a return for Toggles to a more personal art-making process. His concepts, as he describes, “mutate organically from previous projects - each one leading into the next. Whenever I come to a standstill, the answer often lies in the other parallel tangent. It’s a chain-reaction of ideas which leads to many notebooks full of exciting new angles to integrate. This exhibition is a product of my winter hibernation period used productively...”