Opening Thursday August 8th, 6-9pm
Continues until Sunday 11th August


Vs. Gallery is excited to present ‘Only Human’, the latest solo exhibition by Drewfunk - one of Melbourne’s most beloved street-artists. Delving deep into his rich imagination, the Malaysian-born artist examines the last few years of personal and emotional transition, in a series of delicate, vulnerable and thought provoking paintings.

Bringing his trademark, lighthearted and street smart approach to his works, ‘Only Human’ simultaneously explores the artist’s creative passions, and his struggle to deal with the deeper themes of depression, sorrow and grief that have influenced his personal life.

Brought together by his combination of contemporary painting skills and aerosol finesse, the characters portrayed in ‘Only Human’, communicate emotive narratives to the viewer. Playful characters, often masked or engaged in metaphorical play, bring forth representations of friends, experiences and emotions in order to create subtle, yet verbose statements of empathy and understanding. Nostalgia and vulnerability are deftly entwined with delicate, brightened hues, fulfilling each image’s visual narrative.

With a series of all new works created during his three month artist residency at Vs Gallery, alongside numerous works from his 2016 show ‘Comfort in Tears’ - (which have never been exhibited in Melbourne, or shared on social media), ‘Only Human’ is a beautiful exposition of an artist in his creative prime.