Artwork 'Devil's Daughter'by Ox king

Opening Thursday June 14th, 6-9pm
Group Exhibition

Over 70 artists come together to participate in a survey exhibition of contemporary and underground art within the Melbourne and greater Australian community.  Whether because of their challenging subject matter, jarring aesthetics or alternative approaches to their artwork, these artists can all be considered 'trouble makers'.  
The exhibition aims to open new dialogues between artists of different mediums and diverse practices within our local art scene, with the aim to promote a greater understanding of what is happening within our Australian creative community in 2018.

Hayley Arjona, Nick Azidis, Amelia Arsenic, Lotte Alexis, Braddock, Adi Brierly, Jaka Adamic, Matthew Bourne, Edgar Hanky Boson, Eddie Botha, Will Coles, Creon, Luke Cornish, Julian Clavijo, Aaron Craig, James Dodd, Jo Davidson, Imbi Davidson, Ben Frost, Factor, Frosk, Gemma Flack, Tal Fitzpatrick, Tom Ferson, Georgia Goodie, Tom Gerrard, GT, Le Grizz, Eva Giannoulidis, Heesco, Ha Ha, Oliver Heath, Itch Awol, Izzy Voodoo, Junky Projects, Kaffeine, Stephen Killick, Kenz, Nixi Killick, Ox King, Jasper Killick, Evil Keanevil, Nadine Keegan, Saul Kaplan, Loretta Lizzio, Lucy Lucy Awol, Frida Las Vegas, Brigit Maher, Maddbutt, Machine Gun Dev, Mysterious Al, Matthew Newkirk, Nudo & Friends, Makatron, Ohnoes, Phoenix, Chris Parkinson, Ruskidd, Nik Ranger, Skel, Rose Staff, Russell Sanderson, Cezary Stulgis, Jewels Stevens, Shane Sterry, Aaron Tyler, Bec Todd, Unwell Bunny, Rachel Urquhart, Travis Vella, Tim Wise, James Wilson, Zeke’s Lunchbox

Flyer artwork 'Devil's Daughter' by Ox King
Curated by Ben Frost & Vs. Gallery
Alcohol sponsorship by Young Henrys